Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Deborah Says Don't Smoke, Stupid!" It's Tuesday

Sometimes, I am an idiot. And it is usually in the shower. I suppose normal people sing in the shower, or bathe if that's your thing, I --on the other hand--let the voices come out of my head and unhinge me.

Last week while I was testing out some of my voices, I was reminded of those old anti-tobacco/ smoking commercials where they used testimonials of how smoking ruined different lives. These were real people,not actors, and they usually had a hole in their throats and spoke in a deep, raspy voice while they smoked from their neck-holes.

Well, this is my improvised, parody version of one of those commercials. I originally made it so I could practice using my editing software (which I never use), but the short is so stupid, some people think I need to share it.

The video is unlisted on YouTube so you can only access it through this link:

I know the credit says it's "written by" me but that is just because "improvised by" looked like a real dummy. I don't want to deceive anyone, "written by" should really be saved for an actual well-developed craft. So in your minds think "improvised by michelle j" when you watch the lying white words flash by your dead-eyes stare. You don't let them fool you, son! Mama ain't raise no fool!
But she did raise a dead-eyed hooker, so there's that.

Welp, I hope your Tuesday is as ridiculous as mine! And hopefully you saved a few, "what the....whats?" for this video.

Over and Out:kshh
-Michelle J