Friday, April 22, 2011

Poo-Pie's Homemade Jar of Mixed Farts

Instead of serving people with divorce papers, lawsuits, or ultimate nachos, there should be an official service that delivers a Jar of Farts to people that you loathe. Or just people you want to send jars of farts to, in a cool official way.

Let someone else do your dirty work. That's what we at Poo Pies promise to deliver. If you want us to send someone a jar of farts:

Mixed, unsalted, salted, hormone pumped, mesquite methane flavored, Left over chili from last night etc. It's your choice!

Customize it however you want. The more the eyes water the better! Send all inquiries to 

Tagline: Like a good Hermaphrodite, State Farm Is there!
"Like a Hermaphrodite, we can be whatever you want us to be, Baby."

A MichelleJ Original Photo

Also Tagline:
You've Just been Served.


Disclaimer: All photographs are created by Michelle J and the Poo-Pie's Staff unless they say otherwise.

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