Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, Yar-dee-Yar-dee-Yard Sale

Okay, so one of Tuesday's ideas made me think of  an interesting pitch:

The movie short would be called Hooking Up. It's a quirky comedy about a service that offers hookers with hooks for hands. The service is called "Captain Hookers" and it is pirate themed: Flowy white blouses with puffy arms, eye patches, peg leg dildos, and every time a hooker has to walk the plank with a customer she/her has to sing, "Yo, ho, yo ho".
 And let's not forget about the cannon ride. The cannon,of course, is a visual penile metaphor. It's not nuts!  Remember, I said penile? 

Or maybe this is a quirky porno pitch.

I have so much to work out. Until next time,

Over and out:kshh
-Michelle J

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