Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What the...What!?

This segment is a little something I like to call : "What the What Tuesdays?"

I have two points and that is it. Two little statements and then I am pulling out like a form of defective birth control.

1. Today is Fat Tuesday. So let's get obese. Amen? I already did my part via Friendly's Frend-Z: Chocolate ice-cream with Oreos. And we all know that the cream in the Oreos is what makes Kirstie Alley the biggest planet in this solar system and keeps gravity from freaking out on the rest of us common folk. So it looks like I am covered on many levels.

2. Today my mom informed me that our family accountant's name is Hank. It has been for years. How funny that Stalker-Hank that does my imaginary taxes has the same name as Accountant-Hank that does my real taxes. 

And this has been yet another Hilarious Clinton moment.
Brought to you by:

Poo-Pie's "What the What Tuesdays".

and Oprah.

Hasta Luego, Kids. Stuff your greasy little faces tonight. Just don't eat and drive;Ya might drop that pickle.

Over and Out: KSHHH
-Michelle J

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