Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What-the-Que? Martes

1. I bought $75 worth of k-cup coffee today. Que se dice?! There's a place locally that sells the k-cup's individually so I could mix and match. And I did. I filled two trays (14 cups per tray) and bought three boxes of half-caf. So...$75.

1.5. Speaking of coffee...Call me old fashion, but I prefer buying bags-o-coffee at Starbucks or the Mudhouse, and brewing it in a pot or french press. That's the way God intended.  I mean how many great things come instantly? Nada, Nunca, Nadie, Negro(Sorry, I got N happy) everything good takes time. Like baked mac-n-cheese (not yucky easy mac), and a healthy poop (no hemorrhoids here), and waiting for sex (Yeah...about that...).

2. The Dancing with the Stars  episode last night...what-the-que? I'm quite certain that the dancers are more famous than the stars. The biggest star this season is Kirstie Alley.
(pause for laughter and knee slaps)

If she collapses on stage, she might  turn into a vacuum, akin to a black hole, and suck out the souls and soles of the audience. And nobody wants that. So all of America, and her Gynecologist, are  rooting for her to stay on her feet.

Turns out ms. Mrs. Lord Alley received the second highest score of the night at an extra-cheese-whopper-ing, 23 points. Just don't get too crazy, K-Fed Special K K-doggs. The pacific tides have changed been through enough these past couple of weeks...

3.  What-the-Whahutt ( Like when Lady Gaga says "Born this Wahaaay" but with "Whahutt"):


Enough said.

4.  Japan's nuclear plant continues to release toxic chemicals and radiation, My Labia Libya is a problem and now we're at war, those NYTimes journalists are safe but went through six days of abuse and disgusting groping ( Well, just the female in the group)--Plus, she straight up got punched in the dome( That's slang for "face", Hank)--and that show "19 Kids and Counting" is still airing new episodes on TLC (Okay, Shut it down folks).  The world is increasing in depressiosity (I made that up. "Depression" wasn't the right noun variation here)
What the what... universe?

 I'm with Ron Burgandy and Hank in a glass case of emotion. And I'm in a San Diego(Though, by myself  and rogue like Jonah). And that's what these current events do to me.

5. What the For Useful Carnal Knowledge?

That's all the what's I have to give tonight. Or at least in this moment, that my appendages are tingling pins and needles and syringes. So perhaps I will post more things and/or pictures as the languishing days progress  along with Gayle's  Steadman's impotence. Or after I perform the corn on the cob magic trick this evening.

Until Then, my loves...I'm off to stab dinner.

Over and Out: Kshh
-Michelle J

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