Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well leave it to the Sheenanator to use the collective force of his #fastball #Tigerblood#Warlock skills to help raise funds for Japan. Check out the video on his website:

I wonder if he's an Aquarious...

What do you think, Hank: Instead of Saying, "Owned" after unleasing a can of whoop-ass to someone, the term should be changed to "#SHEENED" Wapisshh?

You know like when a dog pees on his territory...he/she's sending a message akin to: "WAAPAA, I own this lumpy stump, Ya weiner,  #sheened."  See what I did there? Instead of "#owned!" Besides, owned sounds more like inflatable sex slaves or the anti-abolitionist riots of 1834.

No? Okay, sleep on it and we'll discuss it tomorrow. Also, how are my tax returns looking this year?

Over and Out #Kshh
-Michelle J.

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