Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh Those Fortune Cookie Mondays...

Photo by michelle j.
Sometimes people ask me how I manage to grasp sanity in the midst of what seems like chaos theory. Or how can I at least fake it like a good orgasm. The truth is that if I seem okay, chances are I am feigning sanity through some medium of humor or another distraction.

However, there is one simple truth that makes holding, groping, or just cupping said sanity in the ark of my hands possible. The one thing that can bounce me –with quarter on quilt recoil –back out of the trenches of depression is this: There is always someone in the world with the unfortunate, ill-fated life far worse than I will probably ever know. Someone out there is suffering in a way I can’t imagine. Just look at the Mexican gang wars right now-- people are being shot up, tortured, sexually assulted, castrated, their tongues cut out and on display in the town square-- if I could even slightly understand what that's like, I would be haunted for the rest of my coherent, above the influence days.  Even more so than I may think I already am. And in some morbidly altruistic way, that makes me feel better.

So quit’cha bitchin’, folks. Some people aren’t even eating beans for dinner.

And we think we have problems. 

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