Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Jersey's Official State Shower Song for the Month of Jebruary:



That song is a classic my friends. And by friends I mean my stalker Hank who ,unabashedly ,is the only person that reads this blog. Oh, and thank you for the birthday flower last week! Even though it was missing all of it's petals and the green stem looked like a crusty popsickle-cell stick (nananananana metapun!), it really was the loveliest little weedlet anyone has ever plucked for me. And I could tell you switched to organic fertilizer this year. Hoo-haa! Yeah...

Okay, so maybe the Garden State doesn't have an official shower song but what they lack in creativity they make up for in sperm count. How else do you think it came (wapppishh..see what I did there?) to be the most densely populated state in the nation? From all of the grenade bangs of the "Jersey Shore" cast? Well, actually...

I need to stop procrastinating from writing this article that is rapidly approaching deadline. And by rapidly approaching i mean two weeks late from the time it was already two weeks late(Which is a month in total, Hank. No need to whip out your pocket calculators. Yes, plural.). What is there to write about ballerinas anyway?  I mean, they're graceful, and disciplined, and their toes look like they bump uglies with fungus on a regular basis. Not to mention the frontal wedge. I should just tell people to go see Black Swan and then sign up for  6 to 10 months of  shock therapy.
I think that would about cover it, twinkle twat. i mean toes. Twinkle Toes.

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