Friday, July 3, 2009

A Message from the U.V.A

What is with the human neurosis that we possess universally conceived “exceptions” for our significant other and a person of the opposite sex? Meaning, we find few circumstances that seem okay for our boyfriends to frolic with another woman –when they are not in a group setting –or vise versa, so long as that woman upholds the following standards:
a. Obesity
b. Homosexuality
c. Raunchy junk

Essentially, if they’re fat, gay or have contracted genital warts within the past six months, all is fair play. Under these circumstances only, do we find such interaction acceptable and under any other condition the jealousy demon would unleash via steam through our ear canals and turn us into the color-scheme of the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

In contrast, if said woman were
a. Gorgeous
b. Charming
c. Someone we would want to date if we were lesbians

We squirm, tense up a little and pull out the big guns (for some maybe literally). Nobody wants her man gardening with a flashy new hoe. No of course not, we want him to use the old, reliable one, with the dirt still on it, the one he committed to when he first started gardening, with the…ugh, not sure where I was going with that metaphor (I guess it’s not really a case builder)…yeah…so if we feel intimidated, essentially, we don’t like it.

Or maybe that’s just me.

---The U.V.A (United Vaginal Alliance) is a non- profit organization seeking to empower women worldwide with forth right action against the animalistic and carnal nature of the Manwhore; a group that sponsors advocacy and awareness against the idea that women are “sluts”, and men are just, “men”. Not acceptable. (Likewise, women cheating on their men or going after married or committed men, are no better).

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  1. oh michelle! it's so it pride or insecurity that makes us this way? Love your honesty and writing and lovely self of course :)